Streamdesk started originally as a Opera widget for Chris Pirillo's live stream but eventually was implemented in the Vista Sidebar format. Not too long after I discovered Microsoft’s HTML Applications (HTA) as a more compatible release format. Eventually I opened to taking requests from other streamers and lifecasters resulting in the release of separate releases for each of them under the branding "KComputer Zone Widget Pack". The per streamer packaging eventually got overwhelming and I merged them all as a unified package but made one critical mistake... failure to document changes resulting in a in an unmaintainable mess.

That mistake in the 1.x releases resulted in starting over the earlier standalone releases as base to rebuild the pack in a more refined 2.0 release but that was eventually replaced with a Windows native release made by a friend which was used for some time until a new developer took over. A Mac release then came out but was short lived.

The Windows Version went through many adaptations and a mac version came along later but was short lived. The windows version had many changes over time and many interface improvements as well as new features that improved it over time. The branding changed from"KComputer Zone Widget Pack" to Streamdesk on July 10, 2008 and it even made it to be wrote about on Cnet in November 14, 2008. Sadly, as times changed, and content sources went away it slowly became less functional and new versions were worked but not released.

I have been able to recover some of the changelog data from various sources (backups, web archive, etc) but everything from "KComputer Zone Widget Pack" 1x has been lost to time.

Throughout the years of development I have maintained reference design screenshots and now they are available in the Design Gallery.

Thanks for all the years of support.

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