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Widget Pack for Windows

Change log:

2.0 - Initial Release
2.1 - Bug Fixes
2.2 - Bug Fixes, added widgets
2.3 - Now Unified installer , added widgets
2.4 - Updated installer , added widgets
2.5 - Bug Fixes, Updated installer, new smart popup Desktop/QuickLaunch shortcut
2.6 - Fixed bug that forced desktop/quicklaunch icon creation
2.7 - Added two new widgets: SteveLive & TWiT Live
2.8 - Bug Fix, Added Datalore widget
2.9 - Bug Fixes, Added Swat524 widget
3.0 - Shows in taskbar, bug fixes, added The Show
3.1 - Fixed invalid widget page url, added Mushiko and Akafurious widgets
3.2 - Updated TechForYou & iJustine widgets, added Miss Alyssum
3.3 - Added Sarah Meyers, Jody Gnant Live, &, reorganized files
3.4 - Added Ponzi's Revenge, Boredcollegekid Rants, Hazard, HipZone
3.5 - Added DanoLive, Cybertexx, GBTV live, Earl Thibert Live
3.6 - Added Epileptic Gaming, McInTEC, MikeLinuxNL, Michael Goetz
3.7 - Fixed embedd, added Mike Tech Show TV, Evansville Police Scanners, Freekie's Life, Cb14 tv , Custom layout
3.8 - Fixed widget, added youtube and virtual chumby to, added Brickhouse Live, Mattsiphone Live, and AlexaTV
3.9 - Added Geek Round Table, The Daily Samurai, TJENN's show, Snakeyes11, CompLexiTV Live, David's Tech Show
4.0 - Added Creative Commons License, Updated Install script, Updated Evansville Police Scanners and BigJohnMidland, replaced Swat524 with NUKE1, added Tuesday Night Tech, iellie, NATtv
4.1 – Updated Datalore, added, cindylou
4.2 - Added, BlackOut Live, MurielleTV, The Scotio Bade Super Show, Eric, Gastroopa's Show, NASA Space Cast, Tweakedgeek, Rathcast Widget, Digg Town, Zangetsu-Live, usrbingeek
4.3 - Added, a-boss,Andrew12,Apple Universe,LiveTechStream Updated: Fireman17,
4.4 - Restores the free resize of windows & Added, Xamas Live,Magic Rich TV,RobertApple65 show,dbomb's channel, Restored free resize of windows (ustream fixed the bug)
5.0 - Did spring cleaning of the pack (Fresh start), updated to new ustream id
5.1 – Added Phase 1 of the restore of the feeds… surprise this shows how many shows are popular and still streaming
5.2 – Added: Wirelesspacket, The Daily Samurai, Digg Town Halls, HiWEB-Interactive, HipZone, Tuesday Night Tech, Evansville Police
5.3 - Native program release (App version 1.0)... it features Easier to use interface, Stream list updater to keep it current, IRC Client intigration, Always on top, now has latest stream list.

David Kellaway: Engineering, Interface Design, Artist
KtecK: Concept, Artist

StreamDesk for Windows

Change log:

1.0 - Inital Release
1.1 - Bug fixes, Rebrand to StreamDesk
1.1.1 - Major codebase cleanup
1.2 - Updated interface & branding, New streams update method, Online help, Multi-Window, Gecko render engine,Auto resize,Update Notifier
1.2.1 - Fixes tree node selection crash, Fixes url formats
1.2.2 - Branding reset, Fixes connection bug, Database update screen now shows on taskbar
1.2.3 - Intigrated XUL runtime, Various bug fixes
1.2.4 - New Background Process, Various bug fixes
1.2.5 - Licence chang, Cleaned up some resources/code, Various other fixes
1.2.5 - Licence chang, Cleaned up some resources/code, Various other fixes
2.0 - Updated interface, Search, Various fixes
2.0.1 - Core intigrated into main app, Added favorites, other core changes - Fixed bug in favorites system, Streams list is cached
2.1 - First open source release, updated interface, bug fixes - Fixes "stream has been removed" error on select feeds, Adds software updater - Displays firefox user agent,Uses instead of localhost, Updated copyright
2.2 - New updated user interface, updated favorites, new database system
2.2.1 - Updated updater & database url, updated copyright, bug fixes

David Kellaway, Michael Manley: Engineering, Interface Design, Artist
KtecK: Concept, Artist


Widget Pack for Mac / StreamDesk

Change log:

0.1 - proof of concept
0.2 - Internal alpha (not released)
0.3.9b - First public beta
0.7.8b - Unreleased Beta
0.8b - Unreleased Beta
0.8.1b - Updated public beta
0.8.4b - Updated public beta
0.9.1b - Unreleased Beta
1.0 - Updated to release version
1.1 - Uses the new LLVM GCC compiler, Adds auto updater, Favorites system, installer
1.2 - Rebrand to StreamDesk
1.3 - ?? missing version
1.4 - Bug fixes, New features
1.6 - Now 10.4 compatable, Enabled viewing of Javascript and Images, other bug fixes
1.61 - Fixes session saving bug, other fixes

GranitW: Engineering, Interface Design, Artist
KtecK: Concept, Artist

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