Thank you for your intrest in StreamDesk. This Readme will contain everything you need to know on how to build StreamDesk.

Checking out StreamDesk Source Code

This is just one component of StreamDesk. This includes all the depenencies and some build scripts to compile the individual components. So to compile the StreamDesk source code without creating a user settings script (See for more information on how to disable components from building to even using a diffrent build directory), checkout the following repos in this directory:

The directory Git checkouts by default in will be the directory the build scripts use.

Before Compiling

Before you compile StreamDesk, a AutoGen.user.xml file must exists. This file contains varables that differ depending on the lab you are coding on, if its a Beta, RC, or Final. If your not part of a specific lab or are just compiling from source, use the following AutoGen.user.xml file


Now you can compile StreamDesk. It is possible to compile individual components in Visual Studio but you must do at least one full compile using the buildscripts so the autogenerated files can be generated otherwise you will get an error.

To compile, run the following scripts:

  • build_debug.cmd - Builds a Debug copy of StreamDesk
  • build_release.cmd - Builds a Release (Used on GA Copies) copy of StreamDesk


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