StreamDesk has its orgins in the early days of  Chris Pirillo's live  stream and it all started as a  Opera  widget. Later versions were adapted for Vista Sidebar and eventually I discovered  HTML Applications (HTAs)  since they are html and javascript capable i was able to expand to the first revsions of the standalone version.

Eventually I opened it up to accepting requests and called the released product "KComputer Zone Widget Pack" with standalone installers for each streamer. The per streamer installer eventually got overwhelming and I made a bundle installer for them all but I made one vital mistake... I didn't comment the code resulting in impossible to edit installer. The said isssues with the 1.0 bundle led me to starting from scatch (the standalone installers to the rescue) and version 2.0 of the bundle was born. I kept going on that path for a while but eventualy I made contact with Windows and Mac software developers.

I worked with both of the developers to get true standalone apps developed. The mac version was the first to be developed and released then later on the windows version was released.

Now back to current time.... the next generation version for windows is in development and the next gen mac version is in the works

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